Somewhere 2 Sing offers weekly, local based adult singing groups across Hertfordshire. The music is popular, the classes are informal and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in choirs before or are coming along as a complete beginner, as you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Groups range from about thirty to seventy members in each choir, with members spanning all ages. Whether you want to just come for the music, to make new friends, to perform in public or to keep your general mental health and well-being ticking over nicely, you can!

We are always working towards new exciting projects, which might be a recording, a flashmob, a local community event or a large-scale production, where all our groups combine for an epic concert. There’s never any obligation to perform but read some of our members’ testimonials and check out some of the videos on our media page, as once you’ve taken the plunge and sung with a few hundred people, you get the bug and want to do it again and again.

Somewhere 2 Sing was founded by singing and performance coach, Duncan Rutherford. After a varied career in music and theatre, where he performed across Europe and throughout the UK, Duncan setup his own music school in London, whilst establishing himself as a musical director, singing teacher, performance coach and choir leader. Duncan now works running choirs throughout London and Hertfordshire; bringing people together through music in communities across the South-East.


MA Musical Theatre
Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

BA Music Theatre
Leeds University

"I approach each class like it's an event; like I'm turning up to a performance every night of the week. I always try to teach with a really high energy and enthusiasm and I think the members pick up on that and they then give the same back.

I love my job. I love standing up in front of between thirty to eighty people, hearing them sing, seeing them smile and watching them leave the session feeling invigorated and uplifted."