We invite anyone interested or mildly curious to come along for a free taster session.

Simply fill in the taster session form and we’ll reply with all the details. Then simply turn up, have a good ol’ sing and if you’ve enjoyed it, come back the following week for more of the same. You may wish to bring friends or family members or you might want to keep the fun all for yourself!

Once you’ve had a free taster session you can become a member (we like that bit!).


Somewhere 2 Sing run 3 terms per year. Each term lasts for 12 weeks each, with some terms having an extra bonus week. Classes are 90 minutes in duration.
We will be moving away from our previous pay-as-you-go scheme in favour of payment in advance options. This will be more hygienic and lend itself to a more efficient start to the session.
As a guide, sessions were charged at £8 per class before the lockdown and the new options will continue to follow along these lines. We will provide details when you enquire and keep you updated as to when we will resume.


  • What do fees cover?

Publishing licenses, performing licenses, venue hire, teacher fees, song arrangements, track purchase or creation, administration, insurance, instruments and equipment, creating and adding to the online resources, and day-to-day expenses in the running of the business.

  • What if I miss a week?

When calculating the termly fees, we have already taken into account that most people are likely to miss a session per term.

Furthermore; you can visit any other session to catch-up; you have the online resource centre to help you learn; two terms per year have an additional free bonus class to ensure you don’t miss out.

  • Can I cancel a term?

Once you’ve paid your subscription you are committing to the term. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

  • Do you hand out music?

To ensure every member is working towards the same goal equally, we give out lyrics sheets for all our songs. Each song has an audio download to assist with the learning.

A musical background is not a requirement and we don’t expect anyone to have musical knowledge.

  • Do I have to perform?

There is never any pressure to perform. Although we love to bring our members together for public performances either locally or with large-scale productions, you’ve welcome to take part with as much or as little as you like.

  • Do you meet on bank holidays?

Most bank holidays fall naturally within our breaks but we try to rearrange any that fall in normal term time.

  • Do you have half-terms?

No, we carry on through.

  • Do I need a T-Shirt?

We only ask members to purchase a Somewhere 2 Sing T-Shirt if they want to be involved with a public performance or event.

  • Are there any further fees?

Not unless you’d like to get involved with a few more activities. There is sometimes a small fee for additional one-off rehearsals, summer workshops and should you want to get involved with any of our trips, the we will provide all details of pricing and how to get involved with these.



To be confirmed…