I cannot imagine my week without S2S. I have made some wonderful friends and memories.


S2S is simply the best part of my week. The fun, the banter from a fantastic leader and being part of an amazing sound is truly uplifting!


Somewhere 2 Sing is my 90 minutes of happiness each week. Singing songs in harmony surrounded by lovely friends is the best!


"I’m so glad I joined Somewhere 2 Sing. I can’t read music and had never had any singing lessons but none of that matters. Duncan makes it easy and fun to learn. I’ve made so many friends and even performed on stage. It really is like a lovely great big happy singing family. It’s the highlight of my week."


"There is such an uplifting feeling of accomplishment and pride in hearing a song come together in 3-part harmony. You start as individuals from all walks of life and experiences but leave each session as a group of friends."


"After losing my mum and singing at her funeral, I wanted to start singing properly again. I can honestly say it has been my therapy. I've made some great friends and I cannot wait to sing together with them all again. I cannot recommend it enough and Duncan has been an excellent teacher."


I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much fun I have had since joining Somewhere 2 Sing. I joined after moving to the area, as a way to meet some like minded people. It’s easy to make great friends here when everyone shares the same love of singing as you do. The buzz from performing together is like nothing else.


Somewhere 2 Sing popped up on my Facebook page. Feeling brave I went along to the very first Stevenage meeting, along with a handful of other ladies! It was wonderful and we all went back! It’s gone from that small group to many groups around Hertfordshire, concerts in theatres of over 200 on stage, to flash mobs. The benefits of singing together are immeasurable.


It lifts you up, makes you feel happy and you get a sense of achievement when there is a performance. I know group singing has great physical and mental health benefits, so it’s a really positive ‘me time’. The music is varied and Duncan is a great teacher, who knows his stuff. If you have ever wanted to sing, don’t hesitate.


I really enjoy singing, but had no experience (since school days). I saw the advert for Somewhere 2 Sing so went along and it is amazing, everyone is very friendly and welcoming and Duncan has a great sense of humour to make you feel relaxed. No pressure to perform in the concerts etc but they are the best.


I only joined in January so wasn't there long before lockdown kicked in. I was made to feel immediately welcome. So much fun. I love our weekly choir sessions and I have really enjoyed being part of the projects put together since meeting virtually. Thank you.


I absolutely love being part of Somewhere 2 Sing and am so glad I joined. Everyone is welcoming and friendly no matter what people’s musical ability is. I look forward to ‘choir night’ every week and the buzz I get from singing as part of a group can’t be beaten! I have made some fantastic friends along the way too which is an added bonus!


I saw the ad online for Somewhere 2 Sing and as I love singing, I plucked up the courage to give it a go, since then I have made some wonderful friends and have had some wonderful experiences. To be part of what feels like one big family and to have the opportunity to sing with others and hear the sound of everyone's voices resonating around me, is a feeling that lifts your spirit. I absolutely love it.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of making music collectively and through Duncan's unique leadership I have been pleasantly surprised at what I can do vocally, never having considered myself a singer. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere coupled with Duncan's expertise, lead to outstanding performances where everyone feels a valued member of the S2S community. Thank you Duncan and choir members for making me feel so welcome.


Somewhere 2 Sing is great fun and Duncan is an excellent teacher, with a brilliant sense of humour. We’ve worked on loads of different songs, performed in concerts, met knew challenges, made new friends, been to great social events and had online tuition whilst we’ve been in lockdown. Come along for a taster session at one of the many groups scattered around the area - after that, I know you’ll want to join our choir.


Such a wonderful experience. The feeling of pride when a song comes together is amazing. Duncan gives 100% to the choir and it is such a pleasure to be part of it all.


My auntie was a member of the group and she invited me to come along with her. Since then I have loved it and definitely have the singing bug. It is also a good way to meet friends.


Singing makes me happy! Somewhere 2 Sing has given me a safe place to be happy and a wonderful group of new friends to share it with. I can honestly say I’ve never felt so at home in a group of people so quickly.


Singing is THE most important thing I do for my well-being and you can't be anything than happy when you sing s2s songs, with new friends thrown in for free! So different to other experiences we've had and it makes us want to be the best we can.


You see, I can’t sing. Not really. And the very first time I went, I was welcomed with open arms. The friendships I have made here will last a lifetime and everyone is so kind and loving. The joy I experience singing with others is amazing and my mental health has been the better for it. Great fun, modern upbeat songs, and Duncan is a FANTASTIC choir leader and very funny (don’t tell him I said that!). I can not recommend Somewhere2Sing highly enough. Try it!


Three years ago i joined the most fantastic choir...somewhere to sing. It is truely the highlight of my week, I swap shifts to make sure I can attend. I love learning the songs and harmonies, I love the performance opportunities, I love the new friendships and especially the sense of positivity singing gives me and now my daughter has joined my sister and I, so lovely to sing with a diverse range of ages

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